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Can somebody help me find Center?

Tonya Forrest

Posted on June 22 2020

Can somebody help me find Center?

Have you ever just felt off your game?  Felt something in the pit of your stomach? Everything you confront bothers you in some way?  Well I tell you, you are not alone. 

I have spent endless days and nights trying to figure out what sent me off. Who was it?  What set me off and killed my mood ? It must be identified...  Well I have come to find out, that sometimes it can just be anything, a collective of things that trigger you to be off centered. Through my mental trial & error, reading tons of books and theory I have learned to not focus on the what, who and how when I have that immediate feeling. My first step is to just stop where I am and reclaim my mental self through meditation.  You don't need to medicate for long periods of time to see the benefits, you can do mini meditation sessions between 1 to 5 mins.  After your mini session have words of affirmation for yourself and  why you are grateful. 


Try it out..  Leave your comments below,  Have you tried it? Do you have different steps to bring you center?  Help us out with your comments and feedback below?  


Stay Free, Bold, and Reckless!!!  




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